Papay walking drawings

Selection of GPS drawings from Papay Gyro Nights 2013:

Map of Papay by walking Feb – Oct 2013

Papay Listskjul: events, workshops and bonfires

Vestness sound installation, Signe Liden (construction, opening, deconstruction, revisit)

Knap of Howar

Bakketun and Norum, Stripes (installation building, opening, workshop)

Peatwell: Archaeologists-in-Residence residence

Papay Super Highway: repeat and pause

Walking with Luelle, north end

Hut burning site, Bay of Burrland

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2 Responses to Papay walking drawings

  1. Ray Maseman says:

    Wow! Taking map-nerdiness to a new height. I love these!

  2. brendan colvert says:

    wow, so beautiful.

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