Collaborations with Luelle


In this collaboration we (Tonje Birkeland, Antonia Thomas and Dan Lee) have been exploring how archaeology and photography both use time to construct narratives, blurring the distinction between subject and object, past and present.


Luelle Magdalon Lumiére, stereo photographer, reaches the peak of her career around 1913. Luelle is a restless, yet strong woman that never settles. In her earlier years she wanders among the mountains of western Norway. Later she gets aboard a ship and travels west to the enormous urbanity of New York, the frontiers of Brooklyn and the boardwalks of Coney Island. One day she leaves to travel back north, first here, to Papa Westray, Orkney – travelling forth, driven by mystery, illusion and magic, from one island, one independent reality, to the next. 

Northernmost at North End

 As one follows the lines drawn at the map, across the light blue surfaces,

further north, twists and turns, further north, straight lines, still north.

This is were I see myself, at the island furthest north, at the North End,

standing at the northernmost cliff, facing the North Sea.

The northern wind hits my chin, fills my eyes with tears.

Tears of no joy, of no sorrow, tears of the wind, tears of being outside,

most days it is only a pleasure, yet some days it is pure pain.

LML, Papa Westray, Orkney Isles, June 1900








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