PGN14 festival maps

We have been mapping the festival with 5 hand held GPS receivers, given to various artists and attenders in the morning with a fresh set of charged batteries. Last year the intense clouds of points that resulted from the GPSs being taken inside buildings, where they struggle for signal, had interesting results, producing point clouds of activity with discernible order. Sometimes, with poor signal and increased error, the GPS even takes itself for a walk across the fields and into the sea! With most of the events this year based at Papay Listskjul, the intensity of activity – workshops, shows, films, lunches, hanging around, sauna and fire shelter construction – is captured in the complex and almost fractal-like GPS tracks. Here are the initial results where different people are marked with different colours…

PGN14 – walking map so far

Papay map so far

Papay Listskjul – festival HQ activities

Papay Listskjul PGN14

Papay Listskjul

Papay Listskjul

Papay Listskjul – studio

Papay Listskjul studio


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2 Responses to PGN14 festival maps

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  2. mre1959 says:


    Can’t remember my wordpress password so replying on email. HAve been following the blogs with great interest, and foiund these latest gps plots wonderful. You can zoom in on different aspects of the patterning and find some very interesting detail…

    Nice one

    See you when you’re back


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