Papay Listskjul maps

Here are a selection of tracks made by artists, architect and archaeologists. The tracks were made over several days at PGN14 and show how different participants inhabited the space at Papay Listskjul (festival HQ, studios and workshop). In this case, different colours represent different days. Studio space, the workshop, the communal lunch table, main corridor and activity areas, such as those inhabited for the construction and use of the fire shelter, emerge out of the general haze of lines and GPS error points. The main building dominates in the central and southern part of the track cluster, with the road to the east. Activity around the construction and use of the fire shelter, beyond a series of little used sheds and large water tank, is evident as two concentrations in the north: cutting place, construction / use place. Once again, the intensity of the GPS tracks merge and take on new forms and patterns. They seem to go beyond the qualities and criteria of a simple map (scale, accuracy, clarity) and invent their own shapes, intersections and meaning. Delve deeper and a new world emerges.

Fire Shelter (plywood cutting, construction, use), Simon Jensen, architect:

Brendan Colvert (Artists in Residence) & Rosey Priestman, collaborative tracks (walks, painting, drawing):

Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman & Tim Pickup), studio workshop, interactive and generative microworld:

Dan Lee, archaeologist (workshops, performances, building projects, lunch):

Antonia Thomas, archaeologist (workshops, performances, building projects, lunch):


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2 Responses to Papay Listskjul maps

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  2. verracott says:


    Loving the blog – beautiful and loving the gps patterns.

    Helga x x x

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