March 2015: Dan Lee, archaeologist

Public Archaeology 2015

Map Orkney Month

My first thoughts for the Public Archaeology 2015 project were to keep things low key and small scale and to work intensively with a few members of the public over my month to explore places significant to them through walking and mapping. Then I came up with Map Orkney Month and things got (relatively) large scale!

Map Orkney Month will attempt to create a new map of the Orkney archipelago based on everyday journeys, significant (or un-significant) places, walks, driving etc. These journeys will be mapped using basic hand held GPS receivers used to record tracks. During recent projects I have been interested in using the archaeological walkover survey as a tool to investigate contemporary archaeologies, materials and events using GPS to record this process. Walkover surveys are low tech landscape surveys commonly employed by archaeologists to characterise the cultural heritage resource in a given area by…

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2 Responses to March 2015: Dan Lee, archaeologist

  1. Brendan Colvert says:

    love that new map of Papay with flight in or out.

    On 30 July 2014 20:48, Archaeologists in Residence wrote:

    > dhjl posted: ” “

    • dhjl says:

      Thanks Brendan. Yes I managed to get the worlds shortest scheduled flight into the map! We want to print out some large maps to show at PGN15. Cheers Dan

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