Wilder Being: destruction and creation in the littoral zone

Wilder Being brings together  archaeologists, artists, environmental scientists and members of the community to explore an archaeological site (Pool, Sanday, Orkney) which is eroding into the sea with innovative and experimental field practice. Themes of coastal erosion, climate change, modern beach material and the environment merge within an assemblage of past and present.

The story of the Wilder Being, a creature inspired by Orcadian folklore and generated from the Sanday shore, culminates in an exhibition opening this Saturday 15th November at the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney. The costume will be on display along with a screening of the project film.

Check out the Wilder Being project snapshot here on the Being Human website blog.

This event is led by: University of the Highlands and Islands (Archaeology Institute and Art and Design)
In partnership with: International Centre for Island Technology, Heriot-Watt University Orkney Campus, SCAPEPier Arts Centre



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2 Responses to Wilder Being: destruction and creation in the littoral zone

  1. antoniathomas78 says:

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    If anyone finds themselves in Orkney this weekend…..this is the exhibition which is the culmination of a recent transdisciplinary art/archaeology/environment project focussed on coastal erosion and material culture on Sanday, one of Orkney’s northernmost islands. It was initiated by Orkney College UHI Archaeology Institute and Art and Design Dept as part of the Festival of the Humanities.

  2. splicefilm says:

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    Project I’ve been working on, preview opening this SATURDAY.

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