Circular walks: some recent experimental GPS tracks

Peedie Sea, Model Boating Lake, Kirkwall, Orkney (14/11/14). Circular walks using two GPS receivers.

The Peedie Sea (or Peerie Sea, meaning small sea) symbolises the growth of Kirkwall; from a merchant shipping town where the inlet serviced numerous piers and wharfs to its gradual infilling and development, and eventual conversion into a model boating lake in the mid 20th century.

Stromness, Orkney (23/10/14). Circular street walk using two GPS receivers.

The Stromness ‘street’ is the life blood of the town; connecting sea, piers and people. Its narrow width can cause (relative) traffic chaos but rumours (and cats, and rumours about cats) seem to flow unrestricted along it.

Holm of Papa Westray, Papa Westray, Orkney (16/09/14). Circular walk collaboration with Ivanov using two GPS receivers.

The walk took place five years after Circle #5 – Holm of Papay Circle (Ivanov 2009) – was performed over 24 hours in Rammie Geo on the west side of the holm. Blue paint from below the suspended circular canvas was visible on the storm beach from the islander plane for at least 2 years afterwards. During our visit, stones were turned and the beach was searched, but no paint could be found. It seems winter storms have removed all traces of Circle #5. The holm was inhabited for 5 days for Circle #5 and the remains of their camp are still visible above the geo (coastal inlet).

“The Circle” is a 24-hours non-stop performance without public’

See previous posts for details of experimental GPS work.

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