Map your world for a day during March – Map Orkney Month starts today.

Public Archaeology 2015

Map Orkney Month starts today and will run for the whole of March. The aim is to create a new map of Orkney based on everyday journeys and places that people map for a day. The idea is my contribution for Public Archaeology 2015, but the map and outcome is very much up to everyone who is participating. Mappers decide their own journeys, and how and what to record as their site. They will be using a basic GPS receiver or their smart phones for the spatial data, and photos, video, drawing, text etc for the rest. The idea is loosely based around an archaeological walkover survey. These are low-tech landscape surveys commonly employed by archaeologists to characterise the cultural heritage resource in a given area by walking, basic GPS mapping, making notes and taking photographs. I’m interested in using the idea of a walkover survey and making it a…

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