This is the project blog for Dan Lee and Antonia Thomas to provide a platform for on-going work and collaborations, previous projects, future works and ideas. It was set up in November 2013 for our archaeological residency at Papay Gyro Nights contemporary art festival  (2013-4).

Key concepts are:

Time. Contemporary archaeology is an archaeology of all periods. These exist in the present as a surface layer (Harrison 2011). Time is non-linear, fluid and recursive. Surfaces are porous, non-static and conceptual.

Process-led practice. We aim to find new exploitative, innovative and rhizomatic ways of working, embracing process-led practice and thinking-through-doing within archaeology. We want to explore new ways of doing archaeology in and of the contemporary world, looking to the future rather than the past.

Archaeologies in-and-of-the-present. Building on ideas by Harrison (2011), Harrison and Schofield (2010) and Graves-Brown et al (2013) we are interested in witnessing events as they happen, processes as they occur and places in the making, and following these threads into the future.

No Ties Archaeology. We believe contemporary archaeology – archaeology of the contemporary world – once it has shed the usual tropes (excavation, the ancient past, linear time, muddy knees) can contribute to other discourses and disciplines building on a new found confidence in method, theory and practice. This is not advocating disciplinary isolationism, but reconstituting a more meaningful archaeology of now that finds new modes of interdisciplinary and creative working.

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