Antonia Thomas

My research explores archaeologies of art and visual culture, both in the past and the present day. This currently comprises several strands: my PhD research (AHRC funded, University of the Highlands and Islands) on rock art and graffiti; an archaeologist-in-residence project with Daniel Lee at Papay Gyro Nights; my photography, writing and illustration; and broader, continuing research into the commonalities and overlaps between contemporary art practice and archaeology. Connecting all of these elements is a theoretical concern with temporality, process and context, and a methodological focus upon process-led practice and reflexivity.

Dan Lee

I am an archaeologist based in Orkney and I undertake a wide range of research, community and commercial projects for the Archaeology Institute of the University of the Highlands and Islands. My own research takes techniques and theories from landscape archaeology, such as surface survey and multi-temporal mapping, and applies them creatively to contemporary environments. I was recently archaeologist-in-residence at Papay Gyro Nights contemporary art festival which allowed me to develop these ideas within an arts context and a contemporary, rural landscape.

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