Depressive Cop 16mm film shot on Papay released

Depressive Cop (2016) by French film maker Bertrand Mandico has been released.

A drepressed cop (played by Sergie Ivanov) attempts to investigate the case of a young girl, who’s distraught mother blames islanders for her disappearance. The girl reappears and the mothers strained relationship with her daughter emerges. Played by the same actress, Elina Löwensöhn, the mother and daughter blurr into one. The depressed cop is too caught up to notice.

Shot on Papa Westray (Papay) in Orkney during the Papay Gyro Nights Art festival 2015, the film continues the manifeste cinématographique – International / INCOHERENCE manifestdeveloped by Mandico and Icelandic film maker Katrin Olafsdottir. Film info here. We played extras in the final party scene film at Aalsker.

During the filming I made an experimental map of Papay by walking around the island. Gathering all the fragments, encirling the island was the result of several years of collaboration, mapping and friendship on Papay. The party scene from the film formed the central node site for the walk; marking the film onto the island.

The walk and map is dedicated to Sergei.

RIP Sergei Ivanov.

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