Flow Country book published

Flow Country
by Jasper Coppes & Daniel Lee

FLOW COUNTRY is a collaboratively written piece of fictocriticism by artist Jasper Coppes and archaeologist Daniel Lee.

Based on their earlier cinematographic ventures into a contested site in the far North of Scotland, the book is a reconnaissance of real and imagined sites – taking shape as a liquid land that fluctuates between blanket bog, film emulsion and literary space. The book offers a possible way out of the many ‘transformation-narratives’ that tried to exploit or reform this vast terrain.

Pages: 125

Dimensions: 4.33″ × 7.36″ × 0.31″

Price: £13

ISBN: 978-1-9995899-0-5

Publisher: Publication Studio Glasgow and My Bookcase

Order your copy here: https://www.publicationstudio.biz/books/flow-country/

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