Incoherent Archaeology Manifesto

Incoherent Archaeology Manifesto (draft)

(to be used or not used, adapted, edited, abandoned or recycled. Incoherent could be replaced with disjuncture)

 Archaeologies of Incoherence (disjuncture) in a digital age:

  1. Technology incoherence: digital technology will not be used. Analogue only or conversion back to analogue if digitising has already occurred.
  2. Material incoherence: materials must be reused or recycled from other projects or things. Tools and equipment must be made for purpose, mended or second-hand.
  3. Time incoherence: Archaeologies of the present/future, and/or with disjuncture to the past. Embrace non-linear time.
  4. Photographic incoherence: photography must use 35mm or medium format film, or film shot on super 8, 16mm, camera lucida or camera obscura (or other experimental techniques). Moving images using a phenakistoscope disc.
  5. Performance incoherence: all presentations about projects must be in landscape and site specific, without the use of powerpoint or digital reproduction. They must include original materials, secondary archive, photographs or objects.
  6. Archive incoherence: there can be no primary archive; it must be destroyed, reused or re-appropriated.


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2 Responses to Incoherent Archaeology Manifesto

  1. alexhale2013 says:

    Love it Dan! Can I show it to folk on Wednesday night at the 3M_DOi?

    • Dan Lee says:

      Hi Alex. Yes of course! Sorry not to make it. I was thinking of a New Media version to counteract the incoherence. Dan

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